Friday, December 11, 2009

BookCrossing: Blue Belle

I'm behind on posting catches from wild releases. First up is a book I released a fortnight-plus-a-day ago (and is noteworthy as my first ever Coquitlam release): Blue Belle. A journal entry was made by a new member before I arrived back home to make release notes, and that might just be the first time that's happened to me. Here's the catch:
I was leaving work in Pinetree Village at 7:00pm after a long day serving. I was waiting for my ride and decided to have a cigarette so I walked over to the tables in front of Chapters Book store and to my surprise the novel was sitting at the table I sat down at. I plan to read the book and leave it randomly at an anonymous location with hopes someone else will find it, read it, and pass it on!

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