Saturday, December 4, 2010

Biscotti's BookCrossing Catches

Biscotti goes by SmellyBelly on BookCrossing.
Here's a list of catches from her wild releases.
Click a title to view that book's journey on BookCrossing.
(days in wild) journey summary [catch date:]

Challenge of the Clans (340) released in a knight's arms at the PNE in Vancouver, B.C., then found in Port Alberni, B.C.; "I found this book at the bank at a book table exchange. I put money in a donation cup. Money well spent. It will be hard to do but I plan on returning it to the bank with a note of my own in hopes that someone will pick it up there and read it, enjoying it as much as I do. Besides books are meant to be read, not collect dust. A room without books is a room without a soul." [07.08.2008] (See the blog post here.)

The Corsican Gambit (2) released in Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C.; "Caught it in Stanley Park while playing with nieces during recent visit to this mahvelous city! Released at home in Saint John (first book to be released in Saint John from" [18.04.2004]

Dare to Kiss a Cowboy (37) released somewhere in Vancouver, B.C. (the release notes have gone missing!); "i looked at the cover and it made me not want to read it" [04.11.2007]

The Great Gatsby (5) released inside a Georgia Straight newspaper box in Vancouver, B.C.; "Found book!!! In 24hour box on corner of Hemlock and Broadway! Plan to read it and will be back for another entry once finished!" [07.02.2011]

The Highest Tide (1162) released via craigslist in Vancouver, B.C.; "Love this book! My friend Karen gave it to me last summer - and I'm enjoying it now as my late Summer read. She studied Marine Biology, as did I: and passed it onto me as a kindred marine loving spirit. I work at the Aquarium, and am loving the gorgeous analogies that Miles makes about the weird and wonderful animals he collects and discovers in his Bay. Great easy, lovely read. Not ready to part with it just yet!" [03.10.2010] (See the blog post here.)

The Winds of War (2) released inside a Westender newspaper box in Vancouver, B.C.; "Just found it, Read the first chapter. liked it, going to continue. Thanks" [27.10.2007]

The Wrath of God (9) released inside a Westender newspaper box in Vancouver, B.C., and caught by a new member; "Caught it in the Westender box at 14th and Main. I had heard about the book crossing before but this is the first book I caught, and it was a nice way to start the day. I read it on the plane immediately after finishing Snow by Pamuk and it was nice to launch straight into a page-turner after the weight of that one. I'll probably bring it with me to Spain next weekend and leave it in Barcelona while I'm visiting." [13.10.2007]
Wild releases = 64
Wild releases caught = 7
Percentage = 10.9375

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