Friday, May 16, 2008

BookCrossing: Light on Snow

My mother traveled to New Zealand in October and carried along a couple of my BookCrossing books to wild release. One of the books - Light on Snow by Anita Shreve - attracted interest from my uncle who thought that his partner would like to read it. The book was given to him and, presumably, eventually made its way to my uncle's partner.

Yesterday, a journal entry arrived in my email's in-box. While I have my suspicions, I do not know from whom the entry came from. Maybe my uncle's partner, or maybe...? Irregardless of the source, here's the short but sufficient journal entry:
Has been in temporary custody in the Manawatu.
Here's a link to the book on BookCrossing.


Betty said...'ve got a bookblog too! Me like very much! You've made me 'homesick' for my own bookblog which I haven't updated in a while. :(

jblue said...

yeah, i haven't updated this one in a while, considering i had ambitions of at least once a week when i started it. and hey, no frownies - you're a busy busy person. don't be so hard on yourself!

Leora said...

Good for people to know.