Wednesday, May 7, 2008

BookCrossing: Me Talk Pretty One Day

Way back in the spring of 2005, I handed a book - Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris - to someone who subsequently joined BookCrossing and journaled the book a few days later. Unfortunately, the site seemed to confuse her, as she didn't journal the book under her username. In fact, after journaling anonymously with the original BCID, she actually ended up registering the book, giving it another BCID - which is wrong! wrong! wrong!

I had given up on hearing from the book again, mostly because I had no idea if she had written the new BCID into the book or not. Good news, though. Did you notice how this paragraph's first sentence was written in the past tense? Yesterday, more than three years since its last check-in, I got an email telling me the book was journaled! The finder had used my BCID! Woo-hoo! (Of course, there's a good chance that my BCID was the only one.)

Here's the newest journal entry:
Found this book at a used book store in Steveston BC. I think I will give this book away either on my travels or to a friend, haven't decided yet.
Here's a link to the book on BookCrossing.

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