Monday, June 30, 2008

Ulysses by James Joyce

It's been a long time since reading a novel - reading anything - was this hard. I wasn't enjoying the read, but giving up was not an option. I must finish. I have to finish. In the end, I couldn't finish. My bookmark is on page 47 of 704 and I haven't touched the book in several weeks; I can't even bring myself to look in its direction, which is hard as it's been collecting dust on my bedside table! Over two years ago, in February of 2006, I PM'd an American BookCrosser and offered to mail this novel in their direction when I was finished with it. Since I'm now finally finished with it (or is it finished with me?), I'll PM them again to see if they're still interested. Time to choose some lighter reading off Mt. TBR for the start of summer.

Ulysses on BookCrossing.

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