Saturday, July 5, 2008

BookCrossing: Affliction

For many months I have had a large box full of books that need to be labeled and released. With the start of summer and some decent weather (now gone missing), I've stepped up my efforts and have released sixteen books in the past four weeks. On Wednesday, Biscotti and I took the dogs to low tide at Spanish Banks, where I left Fay Weldon's Affliction on a park bench. Last night, I received an email with this new journal entry made by new member bbtea of Calgary, Alberta:
found it on a bench by the beach near UBC. was definitely surprised. I had not experienced anything like that. already half-way done the book. interesting read so far. planning to take it to california this summer and drop it there. whoever picks it up, keep the chain going!
Here's a link to Affliction on BookCrossing.


stodmyk said...

I want a picture of Marilyn Monroe giving up on this book -- it seems only fair.

jblue said...

Nice one!