Sunday, March 29, 2009

BookCrossing: Dynasty

My wife and son and I were in Las Vegas from Monday to Thursday and during that time I released five books into the wild. Just like last year, I knew we wouldn't have web access so I would have to wait until we were back home to make release notes. It was possible to make all five release notes before departing for Vegas, but since I didn't know where I'd be leaving each book I decided to wait until after. Preferably no one would have made a journal entry catch before I made it onto BookCrossing, but hey, I wouldn't have been unhappy if I came home to a catch or two. Just would've edited my last journal entry and it's all good.

Got home and checked BookCrossing and no catches. Good, I guess. Being very tired at about 1:30am Friday, I considered making release notes after catching a lot of winks, but decided to do them then and there and am glad I did because a journal entry catch was made on Eileen Lottman's Dynasty sometime that day. That was the first book released - on Monday in MGM Grand. The journal entry:
I was in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas and found it on a table there. As an avid reader i hought it was a neat idea so picked it up. I am going to read it and pass it on
Here's a link to Dynasty on BookCrossing.

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