Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BookCrossing: Towards Zero

Another Vegas catch! We were just there last week and I already have a 40% catch rate for the books I released in Sin City (2 of 5). My all-time catch rate now sits at 12.558% (54 of 430).

The second Vegas catch came yesterday and is for one of the two books I left - on different days - in the pool area of MGM Grand. Towards Zero, by Agatha Christie, was picked up by a new BookCrossing member (my twentieth new member referral!) from the far east state of New York. The journal entry made by jujucafarini is superb:
I found this book sunning himself at the pool at the MGM Grand Hotel on March 23, 2009. I had just finished a book I received as a gift and was getting desperate for something, anything to read. And there he was getting all sunburned & needing my attention. So I enjoyed his company for the rest of my trip & brought him with me to Coram,Long Island, New York, where he is now going to visit my sister in Blue Point, N.Y.
Here's a link to Towards Zero on BookCrossing.

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