Friday, June 26, 2009

BookCrossing: Rising Sun

Another catch! This time it's catch number three from my five Las Vegas-in-March releases. 60% catch rate from those five books and it's only been three months - wow. I gotta go to Vegas more often, if only to wild release books. Michael Crichton's Rising Sun was left at the MGM Grand Pool and received a journal entry on Wednesday saying that it's now in the UK and is going to be left in Yorkshire! My catch rate has elevated slightly to 12.582781456953643%. Here's the latest catch:
Did the typical...oh look someones left their book by the pool...then I saw that it was a 'bookcrossing' picked it up and brought it home to Northants, UK - it was the last day of our holiday at the MGM Grand.

Good story...but unfortunatly i'd seen the film so was waiting for each of the next bits to happen.

Finished it now and we are going away on the weekend so going to leave it in the hotel in Yorkshire. Happy travels. L x
Here's a link to Rising Sun on BookCrossing.

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