Monday, July 13, 2009

BookCrossing: The Rich are Different

Here's the pitch, and it's hit hard to rightfield. Hard and deep. Ichiro has a bead on it as he turns and heads to the wall. He's getting close to the warning track, sneaks a peek at the fence, leaps, aaaaannnnnd it's a catch! My oh my, what a wild (release) catch! Mid-June I released The Rich are Different, by Susan Howatch, on a bench in Vancouver's Pacific Spirit Park. Three and a half weeks later, a journal entry hit my inbox - well, technically my BookCrossing folder I have setup to receive BookCrossing mail. Yeah, I know - it's pretty fancypants. Even more fancypants, though, is the fact that the book has already been to Europe and seems destined for Africa! Soo-EE! My catch rate has inched higher to 12.77533039647577%.

The catch:
My sister picked this book up off a bench in Vancouver BC and she took it on our annual vacation to Europe. This is where she told me about it and I decided to read it. Normally a book like this wouldn't be of interest to me but because someone thought it was good enough to pass on I thought I would give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised! The Rich are Different is well written and has a very interesting plot. It is written in a way that is different from most books I come across in the sense that it is written from different perspectives. I plan on taking a last minute deal to Egypt or Tunisia and I plan to leave this book there even though it has already been in a different continent and country than it started in. To the next person that finds this book..Enjoy:)

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