Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BookCrossing: Fine Things

It's a catch catch catch. It's a catch catch catch. I released a book and got a catch catch catch. My last catch was a short entry, which is fine, but I released Fine Things in October in the States and received a much longer journal entry yesterday. As a result, my catch rate got bumped to just over 13%. I like it. It appears the book was taken to Hong Kong to be released, but was brought back to Canada instead and will be released in Japan in May. Happy to read that, and also happy because I'll be releasing books in Asia before then, so I won't be beat! Here's the catch:
I am a Canadian leaving in Vancouver, BC. In October 2009, I went down to Seattle with my colleague to do some shopping. Got this book from Seattle Premium Factory Outlet while I sat on the bench waiting for my colleague to do her final shopping before returning to Canada. A lady (shopper) was sitting beside me. Later she left and when I looked around, I found the book by my side. Firstly I thought somebody has forgotten to take the book. But when I saw its cover, there was a sticker pasted on it. Writing on the sticker was "I'm not lost. HELP ME TRAVEL!
I planned to take it to Hong Kong in December 2009. However I got no time to finish reading it. So I brought it back to Canada again. Right now I have read throug it and found that it's quite good. I decide to leave it in the boat as I have joined a cruise in Japan coming May 2010.

It's a lot of fun - reading and circulating the book.

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