Monday, January 18, 2010

BookCrossing: The Sisters

A quick catch. Nothing like a quick catch. There are some free-newspaper boxes inside which I've released many books and received very few journal entries, if any. On Friday evening - after leaving Metrotown after watching Up in the Air, great movie - I released The Sisters inside a Georgia Straight box that I'd never used before. And I got a catch within twenty-four hours! The catcher hasn't yet read the book, yet they rated it 7-stars. Maybe they're rating the idea behind the website. My catch rate now is now sitting pretty at 12.840466926070038%.

I'm taking some books to release in Malaysia soon (in addition to the books that are part of the wedding-gifts package for the wonderful couple), and hope to be enjoying some international catches soon thereafter, or years thereafter. Books of mine have been released in the States (by me), in New Zealand (by my mom), and in Europe (by catchers of my released-in-North-America books), but I am unaware of any of my books being released anywhere in Asia. I've never been to Asia. I'm so excited!

Here's the catch for The Sisters:
found inside newspaper stand plan to read....

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