Wednesday, April 7, 2010

why go off and dream about it

Of course, I could have had that added on to the dream if I'd asked. Only I never do. I know of people who go to a Dream Room just to dream about having love, but what's the point? I mean, you can have love any time you want, really, any way you want, and there are millions of pills and stuff to guarantee results. So why go off and dream about it too?

-- Drinking Sapphire Wine by Tanith Lee

I like to dream of Canadian unicorns on ice skates. Some of them are of Scottish descent, some of them are of Malaysian descent. It is a spectacular sight with surprisingly graceful spins and jumps. A huge snake shows up and hands out hockey sticks and empties a bag of pucks. A lighthearted scrimmage ensues, leading very quickly to a passionate battle for the IUHL (International Unicorn Hockey League) title. No one keeps track of goals, there are no fights, the first intermission includes a performance by The Hero's Sidepunch, and both teams - all 76 unicorns - walk together to the closest pub for celebratory brewskis.

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