Sunday, March 21, 2010

BookCrossing: The Open Door

So many of the books I release are books I have not read, but I still get a thrill when a journal entry is made on a released book. I've released probably a dozen or so books at Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip, WA, and have received some good journal entries. The shopping area is visited by mostly by tourists, and an incoming journal entry will say either that the book has been taken to a faraway land or that the book is back in British Columbia. I've released fewer books at Bellis Fair Mall, which is a little north of Tulalip. In fact, I think my only releases there were when I released The Open Door and one other book on November 28. Which means on March 15 I got my first ever Bellis Fair catch! And it's a good one, made by someone in Hollis, Alaska:
My daughter in Custer, Wa. found the book on a mall bench and was amazed! At first she was worried someone had left a great book, being a bookworm she was sorry for them! She loved the book, the whole idea and mailed it to me in Alaska. I loved this book. It was so much like the Catherine Cookson books I read long ago. This one especially struck a cord with me regarding the character having to overcome so much just to live, get so caught up in success she couldn't live and then finally succeeding in all. Just a wonderfully fine read.

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