Monday, August 11, 2008

with today in my eyes

Douglas Coupland writes good books. Fiction and non-fiction alike, I get completely entranced when reading his work. The very first book of his I read, some ten years ago now, was Polaroids from the Dead, a mix of fiction and non-fiction. For a year or so after reading it a passage would cross my mind and I would go back and read that section again. Today, many years since last cracking open the book's cover, a small portion of the book came to me. It took mere seconds to find it when I got home:

I made notes in my notebook - casual voices and things we had heard and seen over the past day that made more sense than other things, and this is what I wrote in my book:

  • I could happily die right now with nothing but today in my eyes. (A line written by Truman Capote I had read in a book the night before.)

For a souvenir I gave the German reporter an old white T-shirt that I asked him to put on. Then, with a thick Sharpie permanent black felt-tip marker I wrote in it the corrected wording of the Truman Capote quote I had written incorrectly earlier in my note pad. I wrote:

As for me
I could leave the world
with today
in my eyes.

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