Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BookCrossing: Invasion and Sword of the Demon

Of late, my BookCrossing luck has been going buck wild. For the longest time I would rarely get a journalled catch and my catch percentage was between nine and ten percent. Now the catches won't stop coming! On Monday I got a short entry on a book I released - Invasion by Robin Cook - on August third in Stanley Park:
found the book and will release
Invasion on BookCrossing.

Then today an entry for Sword of the Demon by Richard A. Lupoff, which I released on Friday:
I was out for dinner on Main St with a friend when she reached into a newspaper box to grab a Georgia Strait. She grabbed a newspaper out from under a paperback and then closed the door. We started to walk away when I said, "Wait..." and returned to the box. "Maybe it's a BookCrossing book!" It was!
This is the first ever that I have caught. My friend hadn't heard of BookCrossing so I explained it all to her and she was intrigued. I'm excited to re-release it somewhere in my hometown.
Sword of the Demon on BookCrossing.

As of this sentence being written, I have released four hundred and two books. Forty-five have been journalled as caught, for a percentage of eleven point one nine four zero two nine eight five zero...

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