Monday, August 4, 2008

BookCrossing: Windmills of the Gods and Simmer Down

Two books I released in Pacific Spirit Park almost a month apart both checked in yesterday.

Windmills of the Gods I released on July 15th (Happy Anniversary Biscotti!). Here's the touching anonymous journal entry for that one:
I came across this book as I was walking through the park one evening trying to calm my thoughts down. I was to be at the hospital very early in the morning for a long test. I had forgotten to go to the library and get something to read as the test requires sitting quietly for 3 hours waiting... Such a blessing to see a book - just what I needed. Junk fiction, no investment, didn't matter if I couldn't concentrate. Thanks for the gift! I'll release as soon as I can remember to take it out of the house with me.
Here's a link to Windmills of the Gods on BookCrossing.

Simmer Down I first released on June 15th inside a Westender box. Two days later I was in the area, checked the box, and the book was still there. So I took it and rereleased it on June 20th. Here's the journal entry made by new bookcrosser monitorman:
We found this book while walking our dog towards Spanish Banks. It wasn't on the bench, but nearby, on the gate where two trails cross. Very intrigued by the little post-it telling me it wasn't "lost".
I'm going to read it, and release it soon.
Here's a link to Simmer Down on BookCrossing.

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