Thursday, October 2, 2008

BookCrossing: Life of Pi

After getting my mama to join BookCrossing and wild release some books, she was having no luck getting journal entries. I really wanted her to get one so that she could see that it does indeed happen and that it's a thrill when it does. Years ago, I borrowed and read her copy of Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I loved it and have been trying to get Biscotti to read it. She's got a few books in the queue, so I figured this was a great book to release via my mother's BookCrossing account. I registered it under her username, then journaled with my username, then released it on June 23 2008 in Pacific Spirit Park, where, coincidentally, we bumped into my mama pre-release.

Two days ago, a catch! Here's the entry that hit my inbox - and my mama's I hope (she's currently busy in New Zealand):
Found the book on the trail as mentioned above and took it home. Took me a while to get started and into the book.
Type of book that gets better and better after you've let it digest for a while...
I found the first section quite dry even though I'm an Indiaphile but the second section was quite absorbing... and then zingo came the third section. I spent a week thinking about the ending!
Problem with releasing the book back into the wild is finding the right place... but I think I saw a novel (heh heh) place yesterday.
Life of Pi on BookCrossing. It's already been rereleased on Granville Island!

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