Saturday, February 7, 2009

BookCrossing: Different Seasons

I've been busy and haven't done much BookCrossing lately. I have a whole lot of books that need releasing but they first need labelling and the past few months I've been too work busy to have time, or energy. And, hey - I became a dad on Thursday! One might think that would decrease my spare time even more, but I'm on pat leave for a few months and plan on sending a lot of books out into the wild during that time. There are also a lot of books on my to-be-read shelves.

Last Saturday I released Different Seasons at Metrotown, and author Stephen King got a positive review by the book's catcher (a new member!) in Wednesday's journal entry:
i have not read the book yet, but i admire with the reputation of Stephen king. fubulous! THANK YOU SO MUCN!
Here's a link to Different Seasons on BookCrossing.

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