Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BookCrossing: Dragonslayer

Another catch! Last July, I made release notes for Wayland Drew's Dragonslayer, noting its downtown placement outside Vancouver Art Gallery. On our recent Friday the 13th (BOO!), I found Dragonslayer on our bookshelves. Oops. I released it - for real this time - later that same day inside a Georgia Straight box on Dunbar, near my parents' place.

On Monday the 23rd (BOO!), a journal entry was made by a brand-new BookCrossing member. Here's what ChrisB12 wrote:
Found on top of that Georgia Straight box on Dunbar Avenue at 18th Avenue, Vancouver, BC. Saw the movie, haven't time to read the book, too busy surviving, finding a job, etc. Would have read it in my 20's, I'm 60 now. I'll set it free in Burnaby. That was Feb 22, 2009 (2/22/09). BTW: This is very cool. I've been reducing my library - I'll release a few gems to the Universe soon.
Here's a link to Dragonslayer on BookCrossing.

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