Monday, February 16, 2009

BookCrossing: Waking Raphael

On Friday I wild released three books in three different locations. As I usually do after releasing several books at once, I kept checking my BookCrossing profile to see if my releases caught number had increased. C'mon c'mon, don't be 73, don't be 73. BookCrossing does email notifications, of course, but I only get end-of-day summaries and sometimes I'm just a little too impatient.

Sunday morning I checked and, sure enough, my releases caught stood at 74. Yes! I checked my recent releases to see which one it was and was surprised to find that none of my most recent three had received journal entries. So I kept scrolling down the page and it wasn't until I reached the last book on the first page (book 50!) that I saw a "set by [username]" that didn't ring a bell. Waking Raphael by Leslie Forbes was released by yours truly last June during Car-Free Day on Commercial Drive. I released it right onto the street itself, on the yellow centre line. My first thought was that the journal entry was made by a new member, but no - s/he's been a member since last February.

It's appropriate that the book was the 50th on the page, as this was the 50th catch of my wild releases. Today I performed wild release number 423, and some quick calculations shows that as of this sentence being written my wild release catch rate is 11.82%. The aforementioned number for my releases caught (74) includes all my wild releases, but also all the books that I have made journal entries on that subsequently received journal entries by others - books that were mailed to other BookCrossers or given to friends, for example.

Here's the journal entry for Waking Raphael:
I picked this up on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, right where it was left. I have had it since then and haven't had the chance to read it. After I have read it, I will release it.
Waking Raphael on BookCrossing.

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