Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BookCrossing: High Country

A catch came in while I was in Malaysia; I noticed it while making release notes for books released in tandem with starbytes. It's taken me until now, a day short of four weeks after arriving back home, to post it. Hey, as I said in a recent post, I'm trying furiously to play catch-up while also tending to non-book stuff. So stop giving me so much guff! As with the last catch I posted here (Fine Things), I released High Country at the shopping outlets in Tulalip, WA. Just like most catches that come from Tulalip releases, this book found its way back to Canada. Here's the catch:
Found on a ferry crossing from Victoria BC to Vancouver BC. Travelled to Phoenix with me where I had intended to release it but I didn't finish it until flying home. I will set the book free in downtown Victoria in the near future. The book started slow with kind of an unbelievable premise but got much better. I could see this turned into a made for TV movie.

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