Saturday, July 17, 2010

BookCrossing: Return to Wuthering Heights

I'm a few catches behind; in the past couple of weeks I've been lucky with several quick catches, and my release/caught percentage is sitting pretty at 13.708260105448156. Breaking 14% would be great. I released Return to Wuthering Heights in Burnaby on April 30, 2010, (or April 29 - I'd really like to know why BookCrossing release notes are no longer date/time specific, but no one's answering my posts on the matter) and a catch came in on June 26! The emailed journal entry says that the catch came "from New York City, New York USA" (and it's a shame that that info is no longer included in the actual journal entries). The catch:
A classic I havent read....Thanks!! Very excited to see where this one goes and plan to add a few myself...

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