Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BookCrossing: In the Green Star's Glow

Hip, hip, hurrayyyyy! Two consecutive super-long-time releases-to-catches! First Social Things was caught after going 1,108 days unheard from in the wild, then just two-and-a-half weeks later In the Green Star's Glow was caught after going 1,163 days unheard from in the wild. I'd released it on August 5, 2007, in an area accessible only by a several-hour hike north of Whistler, B.C., and it was caught October 10, 2010, in a laser tag facility in Richmond, B.C. (the same facility in which Justin Bieber allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old boy just five days after the book's journal entry was made). The catch:
Just found this all the way in Richmond B.C. at my workplace: Planet Lazer.

thanks goes to jblueafterglow, this looks wacky and entertaining. I'll drop it off downtown somewhere when I'm done with it.

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