Saturday, February 18, 2017

BookCrossing: The Book and the Brotherhood and The Sisterhood

Two books in one post because they were released together and they were caught together. How could I not release those two books together – look at their similar titles!

Both journal entries were similar as well, with identical beginnings and different endings. Here's the beginning both entries shared:
Picked up from the bench at Lafarge Park. I knew about this because of the email alerts from last night, so I went out around 1 pm today to see if it was still there, and it was! When I first found them, there was a family sitting beside the books (there were 2) on the bench, so I walked around the lake, hoping they wouldn't take them, and when I got back they were still there alone! I'm probably a little too excited about the idea of this site, but it seems so fun!
Here's the ending to The Book and the Brotherhood's entry:
Book sounds interesting, if a little outside my usual genres, but I'll give it a shot!
Here's the ending to The Sisterhood's entry:
Not sure about this book, but I'll give it a try. Might be more the taste of a friend of mine, though, so I might pass it along to her!
It seems the person who caught those books – way back in September 2012 was a fairly new BookCrossing member who has since deactivated their account, with those two books being the only books on their shelf. That's too bad, because I really liked their enthusiasm for the website.

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