Saturday, February 18, 2017

BookCrossing: Man Crazy

As of today, of all the books I've wild released and have also heard back from, Man Crazy has stayed in the wild the longest, for a total of 2,910 days almost exactly 2.5 times as long as my second longest in-the-wild book, Daughters and Mothers. (You can see how I copy-and-pasted from that post from earlier today!) Daughters and Mothers was in the wild for 1,195 days.. 1,195 X 2.5 = 2,987.5

I released Man Crazy at Vancouver's PNE in August 2006 and it remained MIA until August 2014 when this journal entry was made:
I found this book today on the Bargain Books shelf (donated books) at the Richmond Public Library (Brighouse Branch) and I bought it for twenty-five cents. I was delighted to find this book. I really enjoy Joyce Carol Oates' writing. A few years ago, I met her at the Vancouver Public Library when she was on a book tour to promote her non-fiction memoir: "A Widow's Story". After she read out a part of her book, I bought a copy and got her to sign it. Since then I have been reading her books which I mostly get from the library. She is a prolific writer and even though she is in her seventies, she is still writing books. I particularly liked "We were the Mulvaneys". I am looking forward to reading this book.

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